Sweet sign of the times ~ slowing down ~ what's a good pace?

Well, it depends on how slow or fast you'd like to go and speed is of course relative.  My Virtuoso active travel partner Backroads has just launched a new program called Dolce Tempo - what could be sweeter than slowing things down a bit while social distancing?  

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it has been to take a step (or several) back, relax the busy body, quiet the racing mind, and relish everything from small to big around us.  Truly be grateful for all things that we see, hear, smell, and taste as well as appreciate fully the people in our lives, be they family members, friends, or new acquaintances.

So let's get moving s-l-o-w-l-y... The Backroads Dolce Tempo program consists of 29 new trips that are easygoing by design. These active adventures, designed with a light touch, were created to provide options for travelers who may be new to active travel and looking for an alternative to large resort hotels, all-inclusive resorts and even cruises. Dolce Tempo journeys are for travelers who want to escape the crowds and have an authentic one-of-a-kind vacation, immersed in a place and culture, and fully supported by experienced leaders. Dolce Tempo’s easygoing pace means that travelers can explore a location on a walking, e-biking or multi-adventure trip with activities to suit their interests.

Dolce Tempo may also be a good choice for repeat Backroads travelers who would prefer a slower pace and more time for non-active options during the week. If you enjoyed an e-bike on a previous trip or are seeking out “easier” trips, you may want to try Dolce Tempo.

If you're not quite ready to slow down completely (guilty!), fear not, as Backroads still offers amazing highly active hiking, biking, and multi-sport adventures. 

Take it from me, having enjoyed four hiking and biking Backroads trips (Dalmatian Coast, Machu Picchu, Norwegian fjords, Vermont into Canada) so far, I've become the unofficial ambassador. I've also received glowing feedback from my clients about their dreams-come-true experiences.

What's your style? I'd love to know ~ please ping me to plan your trip when you're ready to pick up the pace, at your own speed of course. :)  Meanwhile, check out this brand new Dolce Tempo video (under 2 minutes), nice & easy:


 It's time for "la dolce vita"...